Visitor Management

Welcome to Guests

GoodBye to Trespassers

Manage Your Visitors & Deliverys from your Phone,
Track movements of your Helper with our Visitor Management App


Easy To Use

WalkSafe is for everyone in the community, from young to old. To ensure it’s easy for everyone, we’ve developed a UI that anyone can pick up instantly.


Top-notch Support

Our team is geared to train your guards, take users through the features if needed, address concerns and ensure you have a great experience with WalkSafe at all times.


Low Cost Investment

WalkSafe offers a host of features for the whole community, but requires minimal hardware and has no maintenance costs, either. What could be better?


7-Day Installation

We train your security guards, help onboard your residents on our app, and even setup profiles for all the daily staff that enter the community.

Welcome To WalkSafe..

Over 1300+ gated communities now use WalkSafe to manage their visitors, deliveries, society payments and much more. Discover the difference today!

Give your guests a seamless ride past security with WalkSafe. With a six-digit passcode, there’s no need to register or even make a phone call.

Be notified the moment your staff enter the premises, automatically maintain attendance and find the best-rated help in your community.


WalkSafe for everyone

WalkSafe makes things easier for multiple stakeholders in a gated community.
Developers, managing committees and security agencies are all benefiting from the app.


Managing Committee

Introduce transparency and security in the most convenient manner possible for all your residents, without sending overheads shooting through the roof.


Security Companies

With WalkSafe, you can prove you're willing to go the extra mile to empower your employees and showcase the transparency of your processes at the same time.



You’ve done all the hard work to bring your vision to life. Now give your residents the convenience of intelligent community management.

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